Best Practices for a successful webcast

Over the last few years more and more companies and organisations are realising the potential of tools like webcasting in order to engage and communicate with customers and staff. In this white paper we will give you some tips in order to use your webcasting in the most effective way and fully leverage its power to engage and communicate.

Our guidelines to help you prepare for a webcast

The first thing you need to ensure is that your webcast is going to be engaging! Creating an engaging webcast starts before your audience logs in.

So your first aim before the presentation is to spread the word so you can get as many interested audience members as possible, this could be via an email, calendar invitation or perhaps using social media. Your second aim is to get the viewers to be excited about the webcast so when they do dial in they will be fully switched on and ready to hear the message/s. one easy way to do this is by providing an overview of the webcast including things like a list of speakers and their credentials (especially important if you have a well know name speaking during your webinar).

Tools to consider:

  • Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools available to you and you should look to send email reminders prior to your webcast to firstly inform people of the webinar and then to act as a reminder to attend. This form of marketing can increase your attendance rate as much as 30%.

  • Video teasers are also great to generate interest and these can be posted to your website, used on your social media marketing or in your email marketing.

  • Post on internet forums and the social media sites that your company uses, ideally have count downs until the webinar in order to remind people and build on the excitement.

With every form of advertising, make sure you include some kind of a call to action. While you may think that your advertising speaks for itself, remember that people online are usually busy and distracted. So in your posts, emails and video teasers, make sure you tell your audience members how they can access your webcast, how and when to register, and what date and time to log in. and don’t forget to ask your audience members to share your webcast link with others.

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